EHCA Community Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2019

The Meeting was called to order by Richard Pollick

The minutes from the last community meeting were read. Richard Pollick made a motion to change paragraph 2 from the last community meeting. The motion was seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: $80,375.05

New Business

Linda read the new budget figures for the upcoming fiscal year. Richard made a motion to accept the budget. The motion was seconded and approved.

Betty Harderman asked about the trash. Lately the trash is not picked up until the afternoon.

Richard Pollick said that our contact at the trash company has been gone for two years and we do not have a new account rep. Richard Fox and Sharon said that we have been having problems with the company. We recently looked into switching companies but there are only two trash companies and there are a lot of complaints with both companies.

Linda said that the website Nextdoor was having a lot of discussion about problems countywide with trash collection.

Betty said she would call Fairfax County to see what can be done.

Juanita said that American Disposal, the only other trash company in Fairfax County, is even worse.

Richard Fox said that people are putting trash out on recycling days and it is not collected. Then the raccoons and hawks rip the bags up. Each person should put a few drops of ammonia in the bag before they seal it.

Richard Pollick thanked Sharon and Richard for all the time and effort they have put into this. They have personally spoken to homeowners to help them understand what is required by the community regarding the trash.

Gene Velazquez asked what we would do if there is a situation where they don’t pick it up for days.

Richard Pollick said that Penny Gross’ office and the County of Fairfax are not responsible for the trash companies. But as a private citizen you can call them to complain.

Juanita said that we have very few options with regard to the trash. She said that there is a shortage of drivers and this is part of the problem.

Richard Fox says that if they haven’t come by 11 a.m., Sharon emails them and follows up with a phone call.

One time during the snow, a few years back, Sharon hired someone to haul away our trash. This would be our only other option, but it would cost us.

Juanita said that if you have papers to shred, the Mason District Government Center will be hosting a shredding drop off on July 13th.

Jennifer Barnes asked about the item in the budget for fence maintenance. Linda explained that our fiscal year ended May 30 and Sharon wrote a check for the final stretch of the fence after that, so it had to go in the new budget. We do not anticipate more expenses for the fence in this fiscal year. Richard Pollick explained that we started off by fixing the fence every time it was damaged and then decided to just put up a fence that couldn’t be climbed. This last stretch was installed at cost.

Betty made a motion to approve the budget for next year. The motion was passed.

Richard Pollick said there will be an increase of $5 per quarter beginning January l, 2020. Richard Fox said our fees are lower than our neighbors at Lafayette Park. A vote was taken to approve the increase. The motion was passed.

Richard Pollick said that there have been complaints from neighbors about people not picking up after their dog. There is a county law requiring everyone to clean up after their dog. One complaint was actually on Evergreen Lane. That individual needs to call the county to complain about that. The county cannot enforce this kind of thing without proof. You would need a picture or video to be able to show them. In our case we have a sign at the entrance to the neighborhood. Also, those with complaints should come to the annual community meeting or a monthly board meeting. That is what these meetings are for.

Richard said that we have put up new “No Trespassing” signs at the entrance to the neighborhood. This neighborhood is considered private property and solicitors are not supposed to be in the neighborhood. We have also purchased new “No Soliciting” signs to go in at the front of the neighborhood. At this point the Board is not sure how to enforce this. Juanita is going to look into the county and state codes for trespassing. This topic will be discussed at future Board meetings.

Linda gave the progress report of the rodent problem. It had gotten bad over the winter but in the spring the only areas with activity seem to be behind the houses that have berries dropping to the ground. Jennifer pointed out that some of the activity might be chipmunks.

Craig said that he had a flood in his basement from a backed-up sewer pipe. He said his contractor discovered asbestos in the basement. It seems that the popcorn ceiling in the basement has asbestos in it. He suggested that everyone should be aware of this and might want to check their ceiling out too. In his case his contractor will be gutting and rebuilding the entire basement.

Richard Fox said he has noticed an increase of people speeding on Evergreen Lane. Enforcement has picked up because they have been catching them with radar. Also, there is an increase in pedestrians being hit in Annandale.

There were a number of cars towed from the cul-de-sac because they did not have a guest parking sticker in the window. It is very important that each car have a guest parking pass. Linda and Sharon are the ones who issue the parking passes.

Richard Pollack said that we may need to convert our mail delivery to cluster mailboxes which will be located somewhere in the neighborhood. There is talk that the post office will not be doing door to door delivery after 2020. The board will look into this and discuss and upcoming board meetings.

Betty counted the votes. Only 27 of the 65 houses bothered to submit a ballot. Evergreen Heights is run by an all-volunteer board. Sharon has been on the board for 24 years. We depend on volunteers. At the next board meeting we will talk about how to recruit more volunteers.

Gene Velazquez thanked the board for their hard work.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.